Version 1.2.500

Applies to Collaborator 14.5, last modified on May 06, 2024

This topic describes the changes made to Collaborator 1.2.500. For information on the changes made to other versions of the product, see Version History.

  • added — Administration screen for archiving old review contents.

  • added — Option to add/remove/edit review and defect custom fields.

  • added — Reviewers have the option of annotating the review materials before the review begins.

  • added — Option to change notification email subject prefix

  • added — Quick links on review creation wizard to add the current user to a review

  • added — clients pick up default global configuration from $HOME/.smartbear and $CWD/.smartbear, and do not create a .smartbear directory until preferences are actually saved.

  • added — Perforce configuration value of "[none]" instructs the command-line utility to ignore the value completely

  • added — ability to upload arbitrary diffs from CVS server

  • added — line numbers in defect log

  • added — selecting diff preferences causes immediate page refresh; do not have to click "Submit"

  • added — file names now bold in changelist summary display

  • added — option to show multiple changelists as a single unit

  • added — user configurable email notification levels

  • added — optional "create new user" form on login page

  • added — three database views holding custom fields for reviews and defects, and extra user preference data

  • fixed — First leading space is not displayed in side-by-side view (Case 10032)

  • fixed — Normalize CVS paths from command-line and Windows client uploads (Case 11009)

  • fixed — Status icons on Review Screen should link to the file (Case 10742)

  • fixed — Accepted status cleared for newly uploaded versions (Case 10111)

  • fixed — Chat notification icons do not update until side-by-side reloads

  • fixed — Chat notification icons do not display when displaying single files

  • fixed — Version selection and headings scroll off screen in side-by-side (Case 11213)

  • fixed — Perforce GUI plug-in allows empty changelists to be uploaded to new reviews

  • fixed — Only administrators should be allowed to change user logins (Case 8270)

  • fixed — Complete line changes should be displayed as a delete followed by an add (Cases 10913, 10915)

  • fixed — Review List report links linked to the wrong location (Case 11832)

  • fixed — Word, Excel, and PDF documents show up as garbled text in side-by-side.

  • fixed — Metrics by Review report failed to report defects per person-hour on small sample sizes.

  • fixed — Metrics by Defect Type report failed to report opened per person-hour on small sample sizes.

  • fixed — Next/Prev change buttons are disabled when there are no next/prev diffs.

  • fixed — Clicking line of code jumps chat to correct area (Case 13280)

  • fixed — Support filenames with adddiffs option (Case 13528, 14949, 16619)

  • fixed — Diffs too greedy (Case 14152)

  • fixed — No content uploaded for uncontrolled files (Case 14959)

  • fixed — Perforce trigger has more explicit error messages when rejecting checkins. (Case 18398)

  • fixed — Administrators always need access to review creation wizard. (Case 18399)

  • fixed — Exported reports fail to open directly in Internet Explorer. (Case 13524)

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