Version 1.1.421

Applies to Collaborator 14.5, last modified on June 13, 2024

This topic describes the changes made to Collaborator 1.1.421. For information on the changes made to other versions of the product, see Version History.

  • fixed — author comments and trivial reviewer activity (for example, accepting) were triggering erroneous emails to the author to come into the review

  • fixed — when multiple already-submitted Perforce changelists with common files were added to a single review, the older ones were being hidden in "Previous Uploads" when they should be displayed along with the rest.

  • fixed — user passwords no longer stored in the clear

  • fixed — deleting defect severities or types causes UI glitches when old defects are displayed (Case 10268)

  • fixed — side-by-side font wrong in some places (Case 10607)

  • fixed — participants are not notified or re-invited to reviews when the author uploads a new set of changelists

  • fixed — side-by-side windows should have the filename in their title

  • added — support for stronger Perforce commit-trigger that checks whether the file list and file contents match between changelist and the review to make sure the developer did not change anything between review-time and commit-time.

  • added — user option for disabling syntax coloring in side-by-side view for faster content downloads

  • added — option to create new review from command line client when running 'addchanges' or 'addchangelist'

  • added — ability to diff previous file uploads in side-by-side view even when those uploads belong to different, discontinuous, already-committed changelists

  • added — fixed defects are now indicated with a "green bug" to distinguish from still-open defects in the Review Overview screen

  • added — in Review Overview screen, defects are now shown in the column of the user that first reported it rather than in a separate column

  • added — added audit messages when a defect is marked fixed or open

  • added — verbose option for command line clients to create debug logs

  • added — more specific error message when attempting to upload an empty Perforce changelist

  • added — display entire file path in defect log when the defect is linked to a particular file

  • added — defect icon tooltips should include defect ID's for quick-reference

  • added — command line clients prompt for password if not specified on command line so password is not in command history

  • added — command line 'adddiffs' subcommand for reviewing differences between two locally accessible directories

  • added — command line quiet option to suppress opening the text editor to edit file list

  • added — cache control headers to allow caching of images, stylesheets, and JavaScript.

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