Version 1.0.400

Applies to Collaborator 14.5, last modified on May 06, 2024

This topic describes the changes made to Collaborator 1.0.400. For information on the changes made to other versions of the product, see Version History.

  • added — chat conversations are now marked as "has chatted" and/or "as opened defect" and/or "has accepted" rather than the "undecided" and other confusing concepts

  • added — new reporting subsystem with additional filters and export options

  • added — added option to show "only uploaded version" even when other diffs are available

  • added — better support for binary file uploads

  • added — ability to make a user "inactive" (you can never delete users because they are needed for reports and to display old reviews)

  • added — Action Items list now more specific about the exact state of the review as it relates to the viewing user

  • added — email notifications now more specific about the exact state of the review as it relates to the viewing user

  • added — ability to jump from a defect in the Review Screen defect log directly into that point in the latest source code upload

  • added — support for local temporary license code if the network is unavailable for on-line licensing

  • added — new customer-accessible Java library to read/write everything in the Collaborator server remotely

  • fixed — cannot "Complete Review" when there are unread comments on previously-uploaded changelists that have already been marked read in the currently-uploaded changelists

  • fixed — when chat is carried forward from older uploads, chat icons on Review Screen are not being displayed

  • fixed — cvs rlog command reports error with certain versions of the CVS client

  • fixed — cannot delete a review when database is in a certain rare state

  • fixed — "out of memory" errors for certain operations

  • fixed — database connection leak with certain types of authentication

  • fixed — correct diff but erroneous intra-line highlighting when unchanged text is symmetrical on either side of change

  • fixed — selection highligher highlights wrong line of code when window is narrow

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