Applies to Collaborator 14.5, last modified on May 06, 2024

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Anti-Virus Software

If you have any anti-virus software running, first determine whether it is interfering with the Collaborator client.

Known Issues

Check Known Issues to see whether SmartBear already knows about this issue.

Version History

Check the Version History section to see if this issue has been resolved in a later release.

I try to run ccollab but it says File Not Found

Under Windows, sometimes the installer is not able to update the PATH variable due to system configuration or permissions. Or the PATH variable is updated but the system requires a log-out or log-in before it is in the PATH.

Under Unix systems, the PATH variable needs to be updated if you did not install in a standard location such as /bin or /usr/bin.

I try to upload files managed by an SCM system but ccollab fails to detect a valid SCM configuration

You should call the upload commands from any sub-folder within the working copy of your repository (the place on your local machine where files from an SCM system are checked-out).

Running with debug logging enabled

Running the command-line client with the --debug option will create a log file at the following location: ~/.smartbear/log/ccollab.log on Unix platforms and %USERPROFILE%/.smartbear/log/ccollab.log on Windows platforms. If you contact technical support with a problem and they cannot reproduce it, they will typically ask you to do this and send them that debug log.

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