Frequently Asked Questions

Last modified on May 26, 2023

What is Appium?

What languages can I use to write TestScripts?

Do I need to care about the Appium Server depending on the language I wrote my tests with?

Where would the Appium server be running?

How is Appium different than other frameworks available at BitBar Testing running?

Why are most of my Test Cases excluded when executing a Suite of tests?

Can I use the same TestScript for both my iOS and Android apps?

Can I use a script to test my app on multiple devices simultaneously?

Can I also use the same method to test my app on multiple iOS devices?

Where do I get configuration info about Appium servers running in BitBar Testing?

How can I get screenshots to my cloud project?

What version of Appium Server is running in BitBar Testing?

What is the difference between testdroid_project and testdroid_testrun?

Can I upload a new .ipa/.apk file before each test run?

What is the maximum app size I can upload?

Why is the Appium test waiting for the device and finally times out?

Why does the Appium test fail with a timeout?

Why am I getting the 403 error when trying to upload an application (apk, ipa)?

Why am I getting the “Project <…> cannot be used for type APPIUM_ANDROID” error?

Where can I find an example of how to test my “native application” or “hybrid application” or “a mobile website on Android Chrome browses”?

Do you support Appium with TestNG, Ruby, or C#?

What versions of Appium does BitBar Testing support?

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