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Last modified on September 29, 2022

This topic describes the changes made to BitBar 3.5 relative to the previous product versions. For information on the changes made to other versions of the product, see Release Notes.

Release 3.5 (September 15, 2022)

Announcing support for iOS 16:
  • We now support testing on iOS 16! Available on the iPhone 11 A2221 and Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max A2411.

Now test on Chrome 105 and Firefox 104 on MacOS Monterey:
  • We added Chrome 105 and Firefox 104 to MacOS Monterey for live and automated web app testing.

Session Timeout:
  • We added a new I'm still testing button during Live Testing to secure greater availability of our devices. The button shows up after a few minutes of inactivity during Live Testing to ensure the device is indeed in use. We also added information to the results page with the reason for terminating the session due to inactivity timeout.

Capabilities Creator Support for Mobile Web:
  • We extended the Capabilities Creator to better support browser testing on mobile devices. We also unified the appearance of the user interface while expanding the Mobile option to Mobile Native and Mobile App.

Bug fixes:
  • When you ran an Appium test using Android or iOS devices, the capabilities did not show in the Session Details once the test was over.

  • When you installed the same application again during Live Testing, the process was not always completed successfully.

  • When you uploaded files marked as infected during Browser Live Testing, they failed to display upload errors.

  • When you used Safari to see the subscription page, the comparison table did not display correctly.

  • When you used Live Testing and Automated testing on Windows 10, a test couldn’t start.

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