Cypress Support

Last modified on March 23, 2023

Cypress is a framework for automated testing that runs on Windows and macOS. This JavaScript-based tool was designed for testing web applications. Unlike Selenium, it operates directly in the browser and enables you to set up, write, run, and debug tests.

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Server-side execution

In server-side execution, you select the device group with the targeted OS type for the test run with all the devices in the selected group. Test results and all related artifacts (logs, screenshots, video recordings, etc.) are stored and visible in the BitBar Cloud dashboard. This provides a much easier and more robust way to start, manage, and review tests. All test assets are stored and testing is performed in one place. Currently, we support only one testing file to ensure optimal test results ( However, we will support more in the future.

Supported Browsers

With a Cypress framework, you can run automated tests across the real browsers that your customers use to catch issues before release. You can also troubleshoot issues reported by your customers, and verify the real-world user experience. For more information on supported browsers’ versions, look here.

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