Managing Device Sessions

Last modified on May 26, 2023

List device sessions

curl -u <api-key>:

Get a device session

curl -u <api-key>:

Retry a device session

Note: Retrying a device session leads to test interruption (if tests are run), current results are removed, and the tests are started again. The device session gets a new ID.

curl -X POST -u <api-key>:

Get running device sessions

To get all device sessions that are in the running state, send the following request with the state_eq_running filter parameter:

curl -u <api-key>:{userId}/device-sessions?filter=state_eq_running

Note: The filter applies to live testing and remote device sessions only.

Get device session files

Note: A specific file can be downloaded by directUrl or by the API.

curl -u <api-key>:

Get device session screenshots

Note: Screenshots are included in ../device-sessions/DEVICE_SESSION_ID/output-file-set/files.

curl -u <api-key>:

Download a device session screenshot

Note: They can be downloaded in the same way as other files, however, the screenshot ID is different from the file ID.

curl -u <api-key>:

Filter device session files

Use the name_notlike filter parameter to exclude the specified file from the query result.

curl -u <api-key>:{id}/output-file-set/files?filter=name_notlike_{file-name}

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