Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

About TestComplete

TestComplete is an automated software testing tool that enables you to create, manage and execute tests for desktop, web and Rich Internet Applications. It offers recording, playback and verification of UI actions using visual keyword tests or traditional scripted tests. With TestComplete, you can perform all essential software testing types, including functional GUI testing, unit testing, regression testing, data-driven testing, distributed testing, coverage testing and manual testing.

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Using TestComplete With AQTime

AQTime integrates with TestComplete to let you automate profiling sessions and profile your application while it is being tested with TestComplete. This way you can discover performance and memory issues that occur during application usage and determine the source code that was not covered by tests.

AQTime’s Static Analysis profiler reports cyclomatic complexity of functions in your source code which you can use to determine the number of test cases needed to achieve sufficient test coverage of these functions. For example, if a function’s cyclomatic complexity is 10, you need ten different test cases to exercise all possible paths through the function’s control flow.

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