Controlling License Manager

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

The AQTime license subsystem uses the Sentinel LDK License Manager service. It is used to activate AQTime licenses and to control the number of AQTime instances that can run concurrently.

To control this service, use the Sentinel Admin Control Center. This is a set of web pages provided by the service. To use these pages, no web server technologies are required (that is, there is no need to have Internet Information Services, Apache and so on).

1. Open the Admin Control Center

To open the Sentinel Admin Control Center, use the following URL:


If you have permissions to configure the License Manager on another computer, you can open the Admin Control Center of this computer. To do this, use a URL like http://<computer-name_or_IP-address>:1947. For information on how to allow remote access to the configuration settings, see Configuring License Manager From Remote Computers.

2. Configuring Service Settings

After you open the URL, use the web interface pages to configure the Sentinel LDK License Manager service. For more information on typical tasks, see topics of this section, or use the web interface’s help.

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