Adding the AQTime Menu Item to Visual C++ 6.0 IDE

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

For easy access, the AQTime item can be added to the Tools menu of Visual C++ 6.0 IDE. Once this is done, selecting SmartBear AQTime 8 from the Tools menu will launch AQTime, compile the current application with debug information and load it in AQTime. The AQTime installation program automatically adds the SmartBear AQTime 8 menu item to the Tools menu. Below is an explanation of how you can do this manually:

  1. Open the Visual C++ 6.0 IDE.

  2. Select Tools > Customize from the main menu. This will call the Customize dialog.

  3. Switch to the Tools tabbed page.

  4. Press New at the top of the dialog to create a new item.

  5. Name the new item SmartBear AQTime 8.

  6. Press the ellipsis button on the right of the Command box and locate AQTime.exe on your hard drive.

  7. Enter the following macros in the Arguments box:

    /searchproject "$(TargetPath)" $(TargetArgs)

    This will instruct your IDE to launch AQTime and then will pass the exe name and command-line parameters to AQTime. Do not forget to enclose $(TargetPath) in quotes, as shown above, otherwise any path with space characters will not be recognized.

  8. Press Close to close the dialog box.

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