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Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

About AQTime Pro Commercial and Trial Versions

AQTime is an integrated profiler toolkit that helps you find performance bottlenecks as well as memory and resource leaks in your Windows native, .NET, Java and Silverlight applications, VBScript and JScript code and easily eliminate them. The trial version of AQTime helps you evaluate the product’s features before purchasing the commercial version.

Important: There is a number of differences between the commercial and trial versions of AQTime: the trial version is time-limited, it has reduced functionality and its license type can differ from the commercial license type. You can find a complete list of differences on SmartBear’s web site:


When you are trying to perform an operation that is not supported by AQTime trial, the latter displays special messages that inform you about the limitation and say that the feature you are trying to use is available in the commercial version of the product.

About AQTime Documentation

Important: All the documentation files in this AQTime software package are relevant to the commercial version. Some of the described features may be unavailable or limited in AQTime Pro trial. The documentation includes special marks to draw your attention to this.

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