Web Service API


This training course provides a fundamental working knowledge of the varied aspects of the QAComplete, DevComplete and ALMComplete web services and how they can be used to extend the product to meet more of your customized needs. This course also covers web service communication technology, product requirements, and integration ideas for your extended use of these products.


    Getting Started
  • Web service overview and introduction
  • Configuring the product - the web service user and authentication fields
  • Integration ideas and demo overview - a sample of ways to use the web service
  • Web Service Technical Walkthrough and Discussion
  • Demo application introduction and overview - working with the basic webs
  • Understanding the authentication object
  • Understanding the Load methods
  • Understanding the LoadByCriteria methods
  • Understanding the Add/Update/Delete methods
  • Understanding the main entity types and uses
  • Understanding the Traceability methods
  • An overview of the other web methods for PerfLogs, DBLogs, etc.
  • Web Service Samples
  • Reviewing and understanding the User's Guide
  • Discussion of samples available and code walkthrough - the sample application 
  • Discussion of samples available and code walkthrough - conditions app
  • Discussion of samples available and code walkthrough - selected scenario builder
  • Tips & Tricks - debugging, common mistakes, custom fields, and other tips
  • Takeaways
  • Copy of the User's Guide
  • Copy of the training PowerPoint slides

Registration and Costs

The 90-minute training class is offered either as an on demand training that can be done one-on-one with your company or you can sign up for one of the scheduled classes. The scheduled classes are limited in size so sign up early to reserve your spot. The web service training is offered as follows:

  • On-demand - $695

To register for this class, contact SmartBear Software at +1 978-236-7900 or use our contact us form.