Simulate New Visitor

Last modified on August 16, 2021

The Simulate New Visitor option acts as a master switch to enable a set of sub-options that control how the browser behaves when recording and replaying scripts.

Enabling the option is recommended when:

  • A successful replay of a particular web site requires duplicating a 'new visitor' experience.

  • You are recording a Business Transaction for replay with AlertSite global monitoring platform.

Learn more about monitoring Business Transactions with AlertSite.

You can access the Simulate New Visitor option from the DéjàClick toolbar in two ways:

  • By selecting  > Quick Settings > Simulate New Visitor.

  • By selecting  > DéjàClick Options > Record tab > Simulate New Visitor property group.

You may enable or disable the Simulate New Visitor option (prior to recording) to suit your needs. The state of each associated sub-option will be saved as part of the script so that the browser settings can be temporarily reconfigured each time the script is replayed.

Simulate New Visitor Sub-Options

The Simulate New Visitor option activates the following group of sub-options, but only if each has been individually enabled:

Hide Existing Cookies

Clear Browser Cache

Clear Authentication Cache

Disable Password Manager

Disable Saved Form Information

You can access these sub-options:

  • Select  > DéjàClick Options from the toolbar.

  • Switch to the Record tab of the DéjàClick Options dialog.

  • Expand the Simulate New Visitor property group.

    Simulate New Visitor sub-options
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