Last modified on February 19, 2018

AlertSite can send automatic alerts whenever you monitors discover a problem. There are two main types of alerts:

  • Availability alerts – sent when a monitor detects an error (the monitor status turns red). For example, if your site does not respond within the timeout, returns incorrect content, or returns an HTTP error like 500 Internal Server Error. Conditions that trigger an error are specified in the monitor settings.

  • Performance alerts – sent when the response time exceeds the configured threshold. For details, see Performance Alerts.

When a problem is resolved, a monitor sends the “clear” notification.

Alert Delivery Methods

To receive alerts, you first need to create recipients (contacts). You can have alerts delivered in various ways, including:

By default, all monitors notify all recipients configured in your AlertSite account, but you can target alerts to specific team members by configuring recipient groups.


Configuring Alert Recipients

Configuring Alerts

Reviewing Alerts

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