Time Zone for AlertSite Data

Last modified on May 14, 2021

By default, AlertSite dashboards, alerts and reports show timestamps in the UTC (GMT) time zone. You can change the time zone to your local time if you wish. The selected time zone affects all users and alert recipients in your AlertSite account.

Note: You must be an Admin or Co-Admin user to change the time zone in AlertSite.

To change the time zone

AlertSite UXM

  1. Navigate to  > Settings > Preferences.

  2. Under Time Settings, select your Timezone and the Daylight savings time mode.

    Time zone and DST settings

    Click the image to enlarge it.

  3. Click Save.

AlertSite 1.0

  1. From the top menu, select Account > Manage Account.

  2. In the Preferences section, select your time zone from theTimezone drop-down list.

  3. From the Adjust for Daylight Savings Time (Summer Time), select United Kingdom/Europe (Mar-Oct), United States (Mar-Nov), or Australia (Oct-Mar) to adapt the current time of the day.

    Time zone and DST settings

    Click the image to enlarge it.

  4. Click Submit Changes at the upper right.


  • For US EST (Eastern Standard Time), select GMT -05 and set DST to United States (Mar-Nov).

  • For Arizona, which is Mountain Time but does not use DST, select GMT -07 and set DST to None.

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