SmartBear Support Services

SmartBear support services are only available to customers with valid support agreements for the following product lines: AlertSite, AlertSite UXM, ALMComplete, Automated Build Studio, AQtime, AQtime Pro, Collaborator, Code Collaborator, Code Reviewer, DevComplete, LoadComplete, Load Controller, LoadUI, LoadUI Web, PeerReview Complete, QAComplete, SoapUI, Software Planner and TestComplete. Customers with an expired or terminated maintenance contract for the above product lines must reinstate coverage prior to receiving support services.

Total and Complete Customer Satisfaction

Total and complete customer satisfaction is not just empty hyperbole at SmartBear - our objective is not only to produce the best products at the most affordable price, but give you the necessary post-purchase information and assistance so critical to successful adoption and use of any development tool or QA technology.

Get Assistance Online

Our aim is to make the use of our products and services as convenient and effective as possible. On this way, we are doing our best to provide real-life advice and solutions directly on our website making it easy to find the resources you need right now. On the Support Portal, you will find a growing collection of samples, answers to frequently asked questions, in-depth technical articles, useful videos, and much more...

Find the needed information right now using the search engine that aggregates information from various sources: the Support Portal, our Forums, and other website resources.

Ask Questions

If you can’t find answers to your questions on the Support Portal, feel free to contact us directly via the Contact Support form. We will get back to you soon to assist you with your question.

Support Forums

SmartBear provides online forums for each of our products. This is a great place to share your real-world experience with other users. On our forums, your questions are answered by our Support Team, and the members of the community.

Training Services

We also offer training and free webinars to help jumpstart your team with new SmartBear tools or take your experienced team to the next level. Check the "Training & Services" menu on the right side of the page to learn more.

Automatic Error Reporting

Some SmartBear products support automatic error reporting. If an error occurs while you are working with our product, a message will display asking you to send an automatic error report to SmartBear. These error reports help us diagnose and correct the problem. For complete information, please check the Data Collection Policy page.

Support Procedure Manual

The purpose of the Product Support Manual is to provide information about SmartBear Software Product Support service so Customers can access SmartBear’s Product Support to obtain effective and timely solutions.