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LLPlayer Object


The LLPlayer object simulates pressing and releasing of mouse buttons, rotations of mouse wheels and pressing and releasing of keyboard keys from your scripts. The object methods let you perform the same operations that you can perform with a low-level procedure. The only difference is that a low-level procedure typically executes a sequence of mouse clicks or key presses, while LLPlayer can execute only one of these operations at a time.

When you export a low-level procedure to a script, TestComplete converts all low-level events into a sequence of calls to LLPlayer methods. Once you have the script code generated in such a manner, you can modify parameters of the LLPlayer methods making low-level event parameters dependent on a variable or constant. In other words, exporting a low-level procedure to a script and subsequent modification of method parameters let you parameterize your low-level procedures. For more information on this, see Parameterizing Low-Level Procedures.



The following script uses the LLPlayer object methods to simulate multiple selection with a Shift-click.

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