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Installing the Collaborator Plug-In for Rational Team Concert


This topic explains how to install the Collaborator plug-in for Rational Team Concert.

1. Download the update site .zip package with the plug-in from our web site:
Open this web page in a web browser:
To start downloading, click the link Rational Team Concert Plug-In: Update Site & Instructions in the section that corresponds to your operating system.

Important: Rational Team Concert 3 installs with and requires Java 5. The only CodeCollaborator/PeerReview Complete update site plug-in that supports Java 5 is the update site plug-in for CodeCollaborator 65xx. Running the 65xx version of the update site plug-in with the CodeCollaborator/PeerReview Complete 7.x server does not impact any functionality.

Rational Team Concert 4.x and 5.x install with Java 6. To work with these systems you can use the update site plug-ins for CodeCollaborator/PeerReview versions 7.0 to 8.4.8406. To be clear, the Collaborator Server can be the latest version but the Collaborator RTC and Eclipse update-site plug-ins need to be 8.4.8406 or earlier to support Java 6. Collaborator Clients and plug-ins version 8.5.8500 and later require Java 7.

2. Extract files from the downloaded .zip archive to the <$JAZZ_ROOT>/ccollab-update-site folder on the Rational Team Concert server computer. For example, the folder name can be like C:\Program Files\IBM\JazzTeamServer\ccollab-update-site.


3. Copy the com.smartbear.ccollab-profile.ini file from this folder to the <$JAZZ_ROOT>\server\conf\ccm\provision_profiles folder.


4. Now you need to reset your Jazz Team Server:
Open the following web page in your web browser:

If you use Rational Team Concert 5:


If you use Rational Team Concert 4:


If you use Rational Team Concert 3 or earlier:

On the page, click Request Server Reset. This will command Rational Team Concert to load the Collaborator plug-in next time the Rational Team Concert service restarts.


5. Restart the Jazz Server. To do this:
Select Stop the Jazz Team Server from Windows' Program Files menu, or run the shutdown.bat file in the Jazz Install directory.
Run the server by selecting Start the Jazz Team Server from the Program Files menu:


6. Check whether the plug-in is loaded:
Open the Component Status page:
Click the refresh icon next to the Component Status item in the left-side menu to update the page after it loads.
Check that the com.smartbear.rtc.process.ICodeCollaboratorService service is active.
Now click Provision Status in the menu menu entry:


Search for smartbear on the page and make sure that the plug-in has been installed and initialized.

Provision Status page: Checking whether the plug-in is installed


Provision Status page: Checking whether the plug-in is started


Other Configuration Actions

After you installed the plug-in, you need to configure it. See Configuring the Collaborator Plug-In for Rational Team Concert.

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