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Updated: 2/9/2011 Applies To: ALMComplete, QAComplete, DevCo... Rating: Not badNot badNot badNot badNot bad 7 vote(s) Click to rate: PoorNot badAverageGoodExcellent
Q.:As a SaaS customer, can I get a backup of my data?

A.:In Setup, there is an option to receive daily, weekly, or monthly backups of your data. The backup is in CSV format and includes Quick Tasks, Requirements, Test Cases, Defects, Contacts and Lists. Notes for each entity are in a separate CSV file. You will receive an email with a link to the zipped files. Due to bandwidth and CSV limitations, Project Plans and Project Plan Tasks, Attachments, and Shared Documents are not included.

The Automatic Backup Service is controlled by a Security Setting. You must belong to a Security Group with permission to change the setting.

Applies to: ALMComplete, QAComplete, DevComplete.

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