Applies to TestComplete 14.30, last modified on November 21, 2019

TestComplete provides integrated source control services. This means that you can use TestComplete as a client for your source control provider. Without leaving TestComplete, you can work with your TestComplete projects or project suites that are stored in source control systems: get the latest versions, compare, submit your changes, and so forth.

TestComplete supports two ways of integration with source control systems:

  • Integration with Subversion, Git, Team Foundation Version Control and Mercurial is implemented via special plugins. This is the preferred way to work with these source control systems.
  • Integration with other source control systems is implemented via "universal" SCC API Providers Plugin. It works with any system that is compatible with Microsoft Source Code Control API. This type of integration appeared in earlier versions of TestComplete and is not recommended.

The following topics provide more information on source control systems support provided by TestComplete.

In This Section

Supported Source Control Systems

Lists source control systems supported by TestComplete.

Integration With Subversion

Describes how TestComplete integrates with Subversion.

Integration With Git

Describes how TestComplete integrates with Git.

Integration With Mercurial

Describes how TestComplete integrates with Mercurial

Integration With Microsoft Team Foundation Version Control

Describes how TestComplete integrates with Team Foundation Version Control.

Integration With Source Control Systems via SCC API Providers (Legacy)

Describes how TestComplete integrates with Microsoft Source Code Control API compatible source control systems.

List of Files Added to Source Code Control

Lists project suite, project and project item files that are added to source code control databases.

Source Control File Status Icons

Explains how a source control status of project suite and project files is indicated in the Project Explorer.

Working With Source Control Systems in Silent Mode

Describes how TestComplete, running in Silent mode, works with source control systems.

Using Native Client vs. Using TestComplete

Describes what tasks require that the native client be installed and which do not.

Related Topics of Interest

Migrating From Legacy SCC API Providers

Describes how to migrate your projects that were controlled by a legacy SCC API Provider.

Source Control Toolbar

To work with your source control from TestComplete IDE, you can use commands on the Source Control toolbar, in the File | Source Control menu or in the Project Explorer’s context menu. Both the menus have the same commands as the toolbar does. This topic describes the commands on the Source Control toolbar.

Displaying and Hiding Toolbars

To access the source control commands in TestComplete IDE faster, you can use the Source Control toolbar. By default, the toolbar is hidden. This topic explains how to make the toolbar visible.

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