Applies to TestComplete 14.30, last modified on November 21, 2019

Jenkins is a build management application that allows automating repeating tasks, for example, obtaining source code from a source code control, building projects, testing applications and so on. You can use the TestComplete Support plugin for Jenkins to include your TestComplete tests in your build and test process in Jenkins.

The topics of this section explain how to create jobs and launch TestComplete test projects from Jenkins.

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In This Section

Preparing Jenkins for Running TestComplete Tests

Describes how you can set up the TestComplete Jenkins plugin.


Describes requirements that must be met in order to run TestComplete tests from Jenkins.

Configuring Jenkins Freestyle Jobs to Run TestComplete Tests

Explains how to configure a freestyle Jenkins job to run TestComplete tests.

Configuring Jenkins Pipelines to Run TestComplete Tests

Explains how to configure a Jenkins Pipeline to run TestComplete tests.

Viewing TestComplete Test Results in Jenkins

Describes how to access test results in Jenkins.

Sending TestComplete Test Results From Jenkins to Zephyr

Describes how to publish TestComplete test results to Zephyr from Jenkins.


As an alternative to using the TestComplete Support plugin, you can run your TestComplete tests as part of your build and test process in Jenkins by using the TestComplete command line or the SessionCreator utility command line.

To run the needed tests by using the TestComplete command line or the SessionCreator utility, you can use, for example, the Execute Windows Batch command or the bat or powershell step (if you use a pipeline).


If you have issues with running your tests in the latest TestComplete or TestExecute version, make sure you have updated the corresponding plugins in Jenkins. Also, we recommend that you specify the Latest version in the Advanced settings when configuring your Freestyle Jobs or directly in your Pipeline script to avoid possible problems.

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