Applies to TestComplete 14.20, last modified on September 11, 2019

The Report Generator utility is used to create reports for applications and processes running in the system. The generated reports include dump files and event logs for the selected application or process. Usually, this information is required to analyze the application's behavior and you may need to send it to the application developers so that they can investigate the problem and find a solution faster.

This section describes how to generate reports using the Report Generator and includes the following items:

Introducing Report Generator

Describes the basic concepts of working with the Report Generator.

Working With the Report Generator

Contains a step-by-step instruction on how to create a report for the desired application or process using the Report Generator.

Report Generator Pages

This section describes the pages of the Report Generator wizard in detail.

Report Generator - System Requirements

Describes the Report Generator’s system requirements.

Report Generator Command Line

Describes how you can work with the Report Generator from the command line.

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